“If you want it, you can have it, but stay woke.”

A blog that I am fond of is Everyday Feminism. I spent some time deliberating whether or not it is classified as a blog or whether it is an online magazine. Based on my previous research on what defines a blog; an online publication that presents posts in a reverse chronicle order, displays time stamps, title names and authors name, I am choosing to classify it as a blog.

Instead of one voice, Everyday Feminism has a collective of writers from various backgrounds. In my opinion, the variety of voices is part of the blog’s major appeal. Topics are written from a progressive, feminist lens and is always sensitive to minority groups. There is a clear audience for the blog… people who don’t ‘believe in Political correctness’ are not it.

I do believe in political correctness and ‘staying woke’, and I like to think that my ethics align with Everyday Feminism. For me, and i’m sure for lots of other subscribers, Everyday Feminism is a source of learning.

I engage with the blog through their Facebook page, receiving updates on my news feed when there are new blog posts/articles.

Title Song: Redbone, Childish Gambino.