Reflection on the reflection

Looking at my evidence and the documentation process, It would have been interesting if I had I documented what posts I saw, who was the one posting them and the amount of interactions that each post received.  At the end of each day, I found it hard to remember all the posts that I saw on social media and therefore decided it wouldn’t be something that I would document- especially because it couldn’t fill the 250+ words requirement!

The fact that I couldn’t remember these posts says something in and of itself. It highlights the short window that posts have before they become irrelevant and out-dated- replaced by newer posts. The same can be said then for likes and validation on social media, its all short-lived. I think that this is where users can become popular authors and distributors, when they consistently produce relevant and entertaining content so that their validation extends beyond post likes.

In my evaluation I explored how this hesitancy to post effects my personal online persona, however I believe theres room to explore how this effects my professional online practice. After all- I can’t be hesitant to post as a social media manager. I do believe that they are two seperate things though, one is more personal and challenges my social worth (online at least) and the other is a bit more distanced and less reflective on who I am as a person.

When posting for Co-Ground, I’m adopting the persona of the social enterprise. When the posts don’t receive many likes, I keep churning out content to try and find a style that resonates with the followers- theres no room to take it personally.

From my evidence, evaluation and this reflection, one statement has stood out that I would like to focus on.

In my essay I would like to explore ‘likes’ as an online currency and the way that ‘post interactions’ influence online behaviour; as an author, publisher, distributor and even as an observer.






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