Reflecting on my evidence, I have come to the conclusion that I am more of an observer than an author, publisher or distributor.

It was interesting to analyse my online use…

I found that I would hold back from posting things onto my social media pages for fear of not receiving enough likes. In real life I consider myself an activist and will engage in discussion with my peers however my online behaviour doesn’t reflect this.

It has lead me to consider why it is that I care so much about immaterial, online likes?
Likes, reactions, shares, comments- Interactions essentially, have become a mode of currency online that rank your content above other people’s. Thats just the way that Facebook runs. The algorithms for the newsfeed ensures that you will see ‘top posts’- friends/people who have received a lot of interactions with their posts before you will see the less popular posts.

If I did find something interesting I would share it with my friends personally, via Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp. Automatically, and probably subconsciously, I developed this fear of not receiving enough currency on my posts and therefore resorted to not share at all.


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