“Work, work, work, work, work, work”

Monday 27th- Day 7

The majority of my time online today consisted of research for university.

Half of the time I was looking up the latest technology. I would read articles suggested by Google based on my search for “Technology trends 2017”. I found that I retained more information from articles with pictures and videos. If there was a particularly interesting concept/article I would link it on Facebook Messenger to my group who would also send their findings.

The top ten articles were from Forbes, Tech companies, blogs dedicated to tech trends, and blogs/magazines dedicated to business. I found that I would only stay on the first page of results, clicking around 5 links before I would type something else into Google. It did make me wonder why these websites were higher up than others when searching. I’ve heard before that Google promotes websites that are more user-friendly, but to me there wasn’t anything exceptional about the interface design that warranted such a high ranking in the search. Perhaps they are websites that pay more, or use my key words more. This would be an interesting area to study and something I’d like to follow up on- perhaps after my assignment!

The other half of my time I spent looking up readings to support my essay. In order to find peer reviewed articles I would use Google Scholar from the RMIT Library and scan the internet for readings to do with participatory culture, convergence culture and prosumers in transmedia. I had tried to find readings without logging into RMIT and found that I didn’t have access to the full PDFs. The amount of options that I received once I had logged in was frankly relieving.

A feature Google Scholar that I am fond of is the citing feature. I found that if I typed in the reading, it would automatically cite it for me in whichever reference style I preferred, in this case Harvard referencing. This feature demonstrated that Google Scholar isn’t just a search engine of peer reviewed articles.

Title Song: “Work”- Rihanna feat. Drake


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