“I see you lookin’ at me Like I’m some kind of freak”

Sunday 26th- Day 6

This morning I went through the hashtag from last night, #coground, viewing other attendees’ photos and liking them from the official Co-Ground account. I posted 4 times throughout the day on the official Instagram, all photos from last night.

I also posted ‘multiple’ photos on Instagram for the first time. This is a relatively new feature that Instagram has introduced and works similar to a photo carousel. One might argue that if you wanted to upload multiple photos you could do many posts- but I already don’t like posting often and don’t want to spam my followers.
Another option is to create a collage of photos, but to me that isn’t aesthetically pleasing- the whole point of Instagram!

On my personal Instagram account I posted three photos. One I thought I looked good in, one that I felt summed up my night nicely and one of my friends. Individually I didn’t think the photos stood out, but together they make a nice story.

Treated almost like an album, one can comment on the collective of photos and not on individual photos- which to me, equals more likes. If this is sounding quite shallow I recommend reading my first post about regarding my opinion on liking.

After posting I scrolled through my Instagram feed, liking posts that I felt had A+ content as well as the obligatory liking of my close friends’ posts, regardless of the content. Many of these close friends returned the favour and liked the photos I had just posted. Generally I have the same people liking my posts every time and receive 40-50 likes all up.

I do have over 300 followers on Instagram and I often wonder how many of them see my posts and keep scrolling. Apparently, over 250/260 of them! This is also why I liked my experience with Instagram stories precisely because I could see who views my posts.

I’m not too bothered by it.

Title Song: “Do Somethin”- Britney Spears



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