“How many mistakes do it take ’til you leave”

Saturday 25th- Day 5

Tonight Co-Ground, a social enterprise that I am the Social Media Manager of, had a massive launch event. Throughout the night I was on both Instagram and Facebook posting photo updates of the night.

For Instagram, each post was accompanied by these set of hashtags which we devised prior to the event:
#partywithpurpose #beanthechange #socialenterprise #party #freeparty #urbanlist #melbournenightlife #collingwood #fitzroytodo #espressomartini

As we are a charity we don’t sponsor posts on Facebook or Instagram so the hashtags allows for a wider audience to see our posts, beyond our current followers.
Facebook I’ve found has less of a hashtag culture than Twitter and Instagram so I will generally keep the same caption used on Instagram posts but lose the hashtags.

During the middle of the night I also clicked on these hashtags and liked a couple of posts with the intention of being noticed. For example if someone was in #collingwood we could inform them about our party happening in the same neighbourhood by simply liking their photo. Well, thats the goal.

We also formed an Instagram Story for Co-Ground to tie it all together. I posted photos to the story that were different to the photos posted on the Instagram feed. This ensured that content was more interesting and no repetition for those who view both our story and feed.

I think its hard to draw the line between updating and spamming- the dangerous side to posting too often. While I am trying to gain followers, I could risk losing them by saturating their feed. Ultimately I believe that the way to do this successfully is to put spending behind posts. That way there only needs to be one, quality content post which new audiences can see. Co-Ground wouldn’t need to rely on people sharing and interacting with their posts to get the word out.

Alas, Co-Ground is non-for-profit with all the profits going towards education and livelihood programs in Vanuatu and the Phillipines. Sponsoring posts isn’t exactly a priority…yet.

 Title Song: “Dang”- Anderson .Paak


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