“I don’t think you ready for this jelly”

Friday 24th – Day 4

For most of the day today I spent my time copywriting and listening to Spotify.

I would like to think that I chose Spotify over Apple Music because I’m a music connoisseur- but I’m fairly sure I chose it because that’s what everyone else around me had. I’ve also heard from former Apple Music users that the artists who pay more will show up more, where Spotify will present them equally

As I am a Premium Spotify user, I enjoy the fact that I can save music to listen to when I’m offline- a feature that my 1.5 gigs of data can get on board with. This means that my time spent offline will generally consist of listening to the same bands over and over again. Chance The Rapper, Amy Winehouse, Boy and Bear, Chet Faker, Hiatus Kaiyote- a diverse enough mix for whatever offline mood I’m in.

When I’m online, I’ll stream playlists and enjoy music that I don’t know the words to. This is partly because I like to explore new music and partly because it doesn’t distract my copywriting (very much).  When the words playing through my head are “I don’t think you ready for this jelly” its hard not to think of sentences that don’t end in jelly.

Spotify has a feature that you can make what you’re listening to public for your friends to see- a feature that I have firmly turned off. This is because A- I don’t want my music to be a public experience and B- sometimes I just want to listen to One Direction without being judged!

I do however enjoy seeing what other people are listening to. I like to follow playlists that my friends make and suggest possible additions. These Spotify collaboration playlists reach their peak when we’re together grooving to our creation.

Title Song: “Bootylicious”- Destiny’s Child


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