“Put my foot down yeah my hands up”

Thursday 23rd- Day 3

This evening when I got back from work I felt like kicking my (very sore) feet up and watching something that I wouldn’t have to think too hard about.

I ended up watching four episodes of ‘Don’t trust the B- In apartment 23′ on Netflix. I’m wouldn’t say I’m the show’s biggest fan, but it fulfilled the purpose of little to no effort. Netflix had my back. I didn’t have to change the channel or even manually select the next episode, autoplay doing the work for me so I could truly relax.

Had it been Foxtel I would’ve had to scroll through the whole TV guide to see what was on, pray I wasn’t catching the end of something I wanted to watch or tuning in awkwardly through the middle.

I have a family Netflix account which allows me to mooch off my parents’ subscription. I figured one streaming site was enough, and so don’t have a Stan or Presto account. Generally I can find what I’m looking for or an entertaining substitute on Netflix.

Another thing to note is that most of the shows that are recommended to me are from Netflix and are rarely from Stan. I’m sure I would like the shows on Stan, perhaps even more than Netflix. But because they are hardly mentioned in conversations on Facebook and Twitter, I believe that Netflix is the better account to subscribe to.

Series are my favourite things to watch on Netflix, purely because I love getting hooked onto story lines and having episodes after episodes lined up for me to consume. I tend to start series that friends or the internet have recommended for me, this being the case with Stranger things, Please Like Me, Jane the Virgin, Love Sick, American Horror Story…

I recently finished Please Like Me, however I felt like I was thrown into it again when my friend who is in the middle of the series began catching me up on where she’s up to and her viewing experience.

I generally won’t re-watch series (with the exception of Gossip Girl), but I will a movie, Legally Blond a classic cheer me up and a film I watch at least once every two months.

Title Song: “7/11”- Beyonce



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