“And I know I’m coming off just a little bit conceited”

Wednesday 22/03/17- Day 2

Today I posted my first Instagram story. Now this is quite unusual because I currently intern at a social media agency, my previous internship was at a social media agency and I am the social media manager for a social enterprise called Co-Ground. One would think that I have used Instagram stories before…

You see, I am a Snapchat user. When I heard about all the drama with Instagram introducing the ‘story’ feature, I couldn’t see the point in switching platforms. If I want my picture to last for ten seconds, why can’t it just be on Snapchat? So I’ve been going through my ‘social media-focused’ life quietly avoiding Instagram stories.  Until today.

Today at the aforementioned social media agency, we had a photoshoot for a client that involved a beautiful, jaw-dropping cheese board. I’m talking Brie, Cheddar, Blue cheese, you name it. Paired with some delicious olive-oil flavoured crackers, I felt the photo should be shared to snapchat. Note: I didn’t feel it was an Instagram worthy post. While it was aesthetically pleasing, it didn’t say much about me and I didn’t want it to be permanently on my profile.

After a couple of hours I hadn’t received many views on my Snapchat. People were missing out on being jealous of the amazing cheese platter I would get to devour at the end of interning. So I decided to try Instagram story. What I discovered:

My Snapchat story of the cheese platter got 40 views.

My Instagram story of the same picture got over 70 views. One of them from this person I almost forgot about because I unfollowed them on social media a couple of years ago. Seeing their name in the ‘viewed list’ made me realise two things.

One- my Instagram story was available for all my followers- many of whom I don’t follow back (and for good reason).
And two- that viewing a Snapchat story isn’t a big deal. You don’t know what the people are thinking when they view the Snapchat- if they quickly skip through it or if they re-watch it. Viewers can’t even comment their opinion- or there lack of one.

If you refer to my Day 1 post, I mentioned that I’m not a fan of posting on Facebook because I fear that my posts won’t receive ‘enough’ likes. Snapchat and Instagram stories eliminate that fear due to their lack of audience participation.

After the many views (from the good and the bad) I received on my Instagram story, I feel I would like to post more on my Instagram story in the future. It should be interesting to see if this affects how I use Snapchat.

Title song: “Fergalicious”- Fergie.






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