“Everything I’m not”

Tuesday 21st- Day 1

The last 24 hours have not been an accurate representation of my usual online and social media antics. Yesterday arvo I wasn’t connected to wifi and due to my tiny, 1.5 gigs of data a month, I was only online to check PTV and Google Maps.

When I woke up I completed my routine of checking Weatherzone, the more accurate weather app in my opinion. On my train journey this morning I scrolled through my Facebook feed. I do this most mornings with the exception of the beginning of the month when I have the whole 1.5 gigs and I feel like splurging on my data. Then I’ll scroll through Instagram too! Treat yourself!

I tend to turn to Facebook because my newsfeed is always updating with new content. While Instagram also updates, I follow more people and pages on Facebook. Facebook also has articles, videos, photos, status’s, memes…a range of interesting content that makes it easy to keep scrolling!

This morning/afternoon I only used the internet to collaborate on a group assignment on a Google Doc. Mind you, I was logged into Facebook in the background, however I would only check my notifications and return back to my work. I hadn’t even spoken to anyone online despite my multiple WhatsApp notifications.
This morning I was more of an observer than an active participator online.

That was true until 5 minutes ago when I became a creator! On Facebook I posted a photo to a group on Facebook called ‘RMIT AD STUDENTS’. It was a photo of a FAQ for Future Lions, a competition that all advertising students have to enter in third year. I added a witty caption that added context to the minimal screenshot.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 4.59.45 pm

I very rarely post statuses and share things on Facebook, usually because I don’t receive many likes or comments on my posts. While it sounds quite shallow that I seek validation from my Facebook peers, I prefer to think that it makes me mysterious.

Title song: “Everything I’m Not”- The Veronicas








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